From the Eyes of a New Member: How Wrong I Was About Sorority Life

To Infinity and Beyond

Photo on 11-14-14 at 3.35 PM White converse, pearls, monograms, giant “daddy” t-shirts, Nike shorts, and an obsession with Frat guys are like, totally, the defining characteristics of any sorority girl right? Wrong. That was what I thought of sorority girls the day I moved on campus last August.  I assumed they were just people who were paying obscene amounts of money to gain a few more followers on Instagram. That these “sisters” would do nothing other than reliably “like” each other’s heavily valencia-filtered photos with the same cheek-to-cheek pose. They couldn’t possibly be true friends, because if they were, you shouldn’t have to pay for them right? They were just paying for the status of an organization and flaunting it in the face of others who were unaffiliated with their “group”. Or at least that’s what I thought on my first day of college. I wanted no part of that. I wanted to be my own…

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