Op Ed: HONY Gets It Right

by sweetu313

ou students for social justice

By Shreya Patel

Humans of New York is a vastly popular blog about New Yorkers by former bond trader Brandon Stanton. After being laid off from his job, he set off with a camera in hand with a project to take 10,000 photographs of people around New York and plot them on a map. First, the blog started as just photos of people, but he soon began including quotes from these New Yorkers – which is when the blog started attracting more followers. The HONY Facebook page now boasts almost 12,000,000 likes. The blog offers the online world the opportunity to take a step through their screen into the life of a particular person or group. The beauty of all of this is that (besides a few exceptions), the photo and the quote are impromptu – enabling us to see the person raw.

When we learn about the lives and insights…

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