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I believe in hope. I believe in optimism.  I believe in not giving up.

Imagine this. You’re on the climbing the highest mountain you could ever dream of climbing. You don’t know what came over you to take on such a mountain. You could’ve climbed a different mountain. One that wasn’t so steep or tall or dangerous. But something in you just knew that this was the mountain for you. So you chose this one as if you were born to climb steep, tall, dangerous mountains. So you start your climb. You’re excited and anxious and eager. The beginning is tougher than you thought it would be. You start to doubt yourself. Maybe this was too hard of a climb, you think. You can’t give up, you tell yourself. You’ve only barely started. So you persevere, and make it past the beginning. Soon enough, you start to get the hang of it. It becomes a rhythm. You just do it. You’re climbing along for what seems like ages and ages. It’s a very slow, very tedious climb, very boring climb. Bored, you look behind you. You look behind you to see the most spectacular view you’ve ever seen– the kind that takes your breath away. The kind that you can’t believe that what you’re seeing is even possible. You didn’t even realize how high you were or how far you had climbed. If the view is this sweet from here, you have to find out what it’s like from the peak. You’re not going to let anything stop you now. So you persevere despite the sore muscles and the aching lungs and the jagged rocks. So you persevere and you don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.



I survived Dead Week and Finals Week.

I got a cool new job. I’m taking summer classes. I read all the blogs of my friends studying abroad, which makes me jealous. However, it’s all okay because I live vicariously through these blogs.

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A blog.

A blog.

One of those things where you write about your day. Your interests. Your friends. Your hobbies. Your hopes and dreams. Then you do something absolutely crazy. You post all of this on the internet. You post all of this where everybody in the world can see.
I’ve always thought of blogs as absolute invasions of privacy.

So why did I make one?

You see, college is a trying time in one’s life. It is also a time that I am currently facing in my own life. College is a time of studying. Studying like you never thought was possible. It’s almost a slap in the face when you’ve lived your entire pre-college life thinking that you’re intelligent, and then you come to a college to realize there are some 20,000 people equally gifted as you are within a five-mile radius. College is where you meet some of the most amazing friends in your life. College is a time of competition and trying to be the best. Trying to have the highest GPA, the most extracurriculars, the best leadership positions, and the highest connections. It’s pretty intense, and sometimes you just have to let it out, you know? And I don’t just mean the ranting. I mean those deep thoughts dancing through your mind as you lay in bed, trying to get a few measly hours of sleep. Those thoughts you didn’t even think you were capable of thinking. Those thoughts trying to stampede their way out of your head at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Those thoughts that you would let out, if only you knew who to share them with.
Well. Why not start with everybody?
Or at least, anybody who will listen.