I expected about ten people to look at my blog the first week I started it, and maybe up to fifty a month into this adventure.

It’s been three days and I’m at over two hundred views. This is really eye-opening, honestly. It’s not a huge number, but larger number than I was expecting.

Starting a blog has made me start to wonder what exactly I’ll be writing about. There are truly so many possibilities. I mean, what do I really want to write about? Most blogs that I read seem to have a theme or a subject. After putting a lot of thought into this the past few days, I have chosen to write about anything and everything. I mean, if I’m not sure, why limit myself now?

Before I actually started this blog, I kept asking myself what I would even write about. Now, every corner I turn seems to give me a new idea for a post.


With that being said, I’m going to talk about a recent obsession of mine. Minimalism.

What started as a design preference has really started to change the way that I think. Minimalism (to me) is being, using, or having no more than what you need. Although I do not plan to go radically minimalist, I think it’s important to keep in mind what minimalism stands for. Take a step back and evaluate all the material objects in your life. How many of these things do you actually need? What can you let go of? I’m not saying get rid of everything except for two pairs of clothes. I’m talking about those old t-shirts from high school that you haven’t worn in years. Or those shoes that you just don’t wear. What could be of use to people who may not be as privileged as you? This can be expanded further than just clothes. In a world where having new technology and expensive clothing is the norm, take a step back and evaluate the importance you put on these material items. Even if you choose not to empty out half of your closet, think about where in your life you are placing the most value. This is definitely something I have been reevaluating in my own life. It’s just something to think about.

Now, I did say that these deep thoughts started with design. Here are some gorgeous minimalist things to look at, plus the links to where I found them.


This is extremely cool minimalist art.    (

This is just really cozy. It has books and minimalism, both of which I love. ( (I found this on Pinterest and I couldn’t trace back where it came from originally.))


P.S. Check out this blog! It consists of cool/girly/colorful/minimalist/bohemian styled pictures and posts.


Happy minimalism.